The Buzz Group, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the efforts of pet rescue non profits throughout the United States.

Observing various pet rescue organizations and the struggles they face in their daily operations, The Buzz Group has built a web-based, integrated software platform to support the efforts of these groups. It is called Buzz to the Rescues. The Buzz to the Rescues platform is designed to integrate and simplify the administrative tasks surrounding dogs, adopters, fosters, volunteers, events and donations for the organization.

The integrated platform easily links dogs to fosters and new owners,  while tracking medical history, and dispositions for the dogs. The application process helps maintain family and home information in one place and offers online home visit detail and approval process for potential adopters. Finally, once adopted, dogs and new owners are linked for historical purposes.

Typically, non profit rescue groups are comprised of various dedicated volunteers who may or may not have the technical knowledge to build a system that supports the organization. This is where the Buzz to the Rescues platform comes into play.



Buzz to the Rescues was formulated in our founder, Laurie Paquette's mind several years ago as she was working with various pet rescue organizations with their web design and marketing campaigns.

Seeing the complexity and all the aspects of successful dog rescue organizations, Laurie realized she had to do more to assist these great organizations; enter Buzz to the Rescues.  Gone are the days of multiple spreadsheets, word documents, paper files and bare bones websites.  Buzz to the Rescues offers a fully integrated database that will maintain integrated data on dogs, adopters, fosters, volunteers and donors.  Reporting is generated directly from the platform.

The Buzz Group Inc is a for profit organization working to support the efforts of dog rescues throughout the United States.  We offer our services to non profits at a nominal fee,  and work with corporate sponsors to underwrite the large development expenses associated with maintaining our support and development teams.


We are a committed and diverse group of professionals with expertise in web design and development, marketing, project implementation and process improvement. We pride ourselves on our high level customer service. We recognize pet rescue work is difficult and often chaotic, we try to bring calm to our clients in the areas we know best.

How We Work


Buzz to the Rescues would like nothing better than to help all rescues organizations.  However we have learned that change implementation can be difficult for some.  We seek to work with organizations who are willing and able to adapt to the change our product offers. Adopting new processes and changing website design is never an easy endeavor, however, we assure you that we will be standing beside you the entire journey.


The Buzz to the Rescues Team is committed to your project success.  We build in frequent conference calls with clients into our implementation plan to ensure everyone is clear on the project deliverable and timelines, as well as any obstacles that might arise in the process. We outline the project plan at our KICK OFF meeting and will outline project steps and give the client a birds eye view of the overall implementation plan.


Our project implementation will involve you THE CLIENT at many points and crossroads. Our team is dependent on you to provide information and content for your new website. We ask that you remain open to our requests and take the time needed to allow us to serve you best.  A good portion of the project success rest on the clients shoulders as well as our team at Buzz to the Rescues.



Of the platform from our team and take time to consider the possibilities. Many functions are straightforward, some are more subtle and may not be apparent to you at first review.


 To launch your project with our support team. Once we have a signed agreement, we will begin to prepare for data collection and brainstorming sessions with your group about your new site and what functionality of the platform you wish to implement.

We look forward to working with you!