A Note To Our Enthusiastic Applicants:

While we appreciate your enthusiasm to get a new family member, we ask that you go through our application process.

  • Please do not reach out through various channels of communication in a 24 hour period (IE: Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as this will only delay our ability to process applications.

And, in answer to the all-important question "Are you still adopting out dogs?"
Yes! We are charging full steam ahead!

Contact Details


P.O. Box 23122
Lincoln, NE 68542

If you have any additional questions, please submit our Contact Form. Questions to the topics above may possibly not be answered due to overwhelming number of requests we receive and limited availability of volunteers. Please be sure to find the answers to your questions about adoption & available pets here on our website.

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Thank you for your interest in the pets with Dolly's Legacy!

All of our Adoptable Dogs are listed here and our Adoptable Cats are listed here on our website. Our pet list is updated daily; if they are still listed, they have not yet been adopted. If you are interested in adopting, please go to the Adopt a Dog Page or the Adopt a Cat Page of our website. All questions about our adoption process along with the adoption application can be found there.

Our mission is to save orphaned and abandoned pets from overcrowded shelters and find them loving, forever homes.

WE DO NOT TAKE IN OWNER SURRENDERS We rescue animals from kill shelters who are on death row.

If you are looking to REHOME YOUR PET, please go to this link.

Thank you for choosing to adopt!