Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue

is a foster home based rescue in Lincoln, NE. Our mission is to save orphaned and abandoned pets from overcrowded shelters and find them loving, forever homes.

Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue's mission is to save orphaned and abandoned pets from overcrowded shelters where they are out of time & out of hope to make it out alive. Far too many pets are facing a cruel death at high-intake, high-kill animal control facilities, some still using a gas chamber as a means of euthanasia. We rescue dogs, puppies, cats & kittens, and place them into loving foster homes while they receive all the vet care needed, including spay/neuter, heartworm testing & treatment, vaccinations, microchipping, treatment for parasites, surgical intervention, and hospitalization.

Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue group. All the funds donated - 100 percent - go towards our rescue efforts and the orphaned pets in our care. We are a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization and a licensed Animal Rescue with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. We are a member of the Nebraska Rescue Council and an approved rescue with AdoptaPet.com and Petfinder.com. We are a member of Petco Foundation, a PetSmart Charities partner, and Silver Star rated with GuideStar.

Kerri Kelly

Kerri Kelly,

our Founder & Executive Director, has been a driving force on the animal rescue front for many years. She has coordinated the rescue placement of & mobilized transport for more than 15,000 death row animals in high kill shelters in the south.

These images show some of the animal control facilities where Dolly's Legacy rescues animals from. They are primarily outdoor only facilities, with no refuge for the orphaned & abandoned pets from the elements of heat, cold, snow or storms. There are no adoption programs at these facilities; rescue is their only way to make it out alive. There are no volunteers to come spend time with them, to comfort them, walk them, or calm their fears. They languish here until they are lucky enough to be rescued. Many die from illness, or are killed for lack of space as more continue to enter the facilities. The last photo shows the gas chamber where many have been killed, suffocating to death as they are slowly poisoned. Sadly, yes, gassing is still done in many places here in the U.S..

Until the pet overpopulation crisis is dealt with head-on, by implementing spay/neuter laws, people being responsible pet owners, and making commitments to care for them for LIFE, the mass killing of innocent pets will continue.

Be their voice. Make a difference.
Adopt. Foster. Donate. Educate.