We're happy to tell you that BELLISSIMO has a new furever home.
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There are so many things you should know about me!!  Cats: Yes! Big yes. See photographic evidence. Cats are friends not food.   Dogs: Yes again! I have been around dogs of all sizes and there hasn’t been one yet that I haven’t gotten along with. Sometimes they don’t like me much, but that is their issue, not mine!   Kids: I love kids! I’m incredibly gentle, love to play, and guess what? I can’t jump up on little ones! But it would be harder on me than other dogs if little ones were to jump on me, so maybe older kids would be best in my forever home so we can have fun together safely.   Home Recommendation: Anywhere! I can live in a small apartment or a big ol’ house. It would be great if my forever home didn’t have a TON of stairs because my mobility probably won’t always be this good. But for now, I tackle stairs, beds, couches, and laps with zero issues. Being part of a big family with lots of people to love on me sounds like heaven, but I attach to my person very strongly, so I would be incredibly content with just one mom or dad to love me as much as I love them too.   Crate Trained: I am completely crate trained. Like, you put me in there and I’m good for hours. But if you are home and not letting me out, I’m going to remind you that I am part hound and sing you the song of my people. I want to be with you at all times and I’m very sad if I can’t be part of the action. But if I need to be contained for my safety while you’re gone, I will behave like a perfect lady.   Potty Trained: Absolutely not! Forget it. I don’t know when I need to go or even when I’m actually going. At least for #2 anyway. I do have awareness about pottying, but I don’t always know how to tell you soon enough. But I do empty my own bladder (I’m defying the odds thank you very much! I was told by the best vets there was only a 5% chance I would do that on my own) and if you can handle a little diaper change a few times a day (I don’t mind at all and tolerate it like a champion) I promise I will never potty on your floor! And I’m a dog for whom going outside is more of a fun luxury rather than a necessity. Too rainy? Too hot? Too much snow? No worries! I’ll take a diaper change and we can go for a walk outside when it’s nicer.   Leash Manners: I’ve got great ones! I do pull a little when I get really excited, but my foster mom has been teaching me to do this thing called “heel” and she tells me that I am a good girl and “so smart!”   Fun Facts (And one not so fun fact): · Let’s get the not fun fact out of the way. I was hit by car in what is probably the worst way you can possibly imagine. My pelvis was broken and dislocated and my tail was fractured right at my spine. I have what is called a “tail pull injury” which means my tail was held in place while my body was propelled forward. Because of this, the nerves that control my bladder and bowels were damaged and I can no longer sense when I need to potty or even wag my tail. Which is actually my least favorite part because I can’t tell people how happy I am to see them. ·   Onto the good stuff! My name means “beautiful” in Italian and OBVIOUSLY it’s incredibly fitting. I have a unique coat, I’m super cute, and I dare you to find a dog with prettier, sweeter eyes! · I love stuffed toys! I have a pink unicorn that I carry around everywhere with me. I don’t chew on anything I shouldn’t (other than that time I tried to eat my foster mom’s flip flop… but it was her fault for leaving them right where I could get them!) · One of my greatest passions in life is dog beds. I would prefer your lap or your bed at night, but if you’re not available, give me a good fluffy spot to curl up and I’m happy for hours and hours! · I am a huge goofball! I make my foster mom laugh all the time with my little happy dance before I get food or the way I lift my paws to get her attention. I spin in circles when I get excited, I bring you toys or shoes when I’m happy to see you, and I stamp my feet when I’m not the center of attention!   And the most fun fact of all: I am HAPPY! I had a very traumatic start in the world, and I have suffered terribly, but I don’t want to focus on that now. I play, I cuddle, and I love! I want everyone to know that I am not a burden, I am not hard to take care of, and most of all, I am a super happy girl with a lot of life to live, and all I’m missing now is a forever family to spend it with!   Bellissimo is a female petite mixed breed (we are guessing Catahoula Leopard Dog/Feist), weighs 24 lbs and was born approximately 1-11-18. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea/tick preventative, dewormed, tested negative for heartworm disease & given a Proheart injection for 6 months of heartworm preventative. Adoption fee is $250 to help offset the many expenses we have for vetting costs. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to continue to save the lives of orphaned & abandoned pets; 100% goes towards their care. If interested in adopting one of our available dogs or puppies, you must first complete an online adoption application at You will be contacted by our adoption coordinator via email after your application has been reviewed & approved to schedule an appointment. Our website is updated daily, pets that are listed are still available.