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Bon Bon (Bon Bonnie)  loves attention and and loves to shower her people with kisses and affection. Although her back legs are a bit wobbly now and then, it doesn't stop her from "being a dog". Her zoomies with make you giggle. She gets along great with our resident elderly Brittany Spaniel, by greeting her gently and allowing her space when she asks for it. Considering her past trauma, she warms up to adults once she knows it is safe; kids terrify her, so she cannot go to a home with any children. It is just too scary for her. Bon Bon's limitations do not stop her from doing zoomies , running in the yard and getting on the couch to relax. She is about in the chill to medium-calm catagory and enjoys several good naps throughout the day. She also enjoys sleeping under the covers in bed with her people. Throw out that old hot water bottle, she is a perfect replacement. You can also get rid of your ring camera as she will alert you to any dangers lurking outside, but not obsessive with her barking, she will stop once you tell her everything is ok. No need to bend over to dry off your ankles, she will lick you dry, if you let her. Bon Bon is trained and will get very excited if you ask her if she wants to go potty outside. She will cover herself up with a blanket, when she wants alone time. Bon Bon would do best in a quiet, mature household that is looking for a petite, chill, cutie patootie, lover bug.

BonBon came to Dolly's Legacy after we heard about her trauma of being brutally attacked multiple times by a pack of dogs. It was only a few weeks ago that her back end was paralyzed and her belly was ripped open. She had emergency surgery to repair her wounds which have healed nicely. BonBon is feeling so much better after a couple of chiropractic adjustments by our vet friends at Hillcrest Animal Clinic. She would benefit from continued adjustments. Her knees both have luxating patellas, which occurs when the kneecap shifts out of alignment. When luxation of the patella occurs, she may experience intermittent hind limb "skipping," lameness, or a locking up of the limb at an odd angle. Once everything realigns, she returns to normal as if nothing had happened. She is currently on anti-inflammatory medication to help with any stiffness or discomfort. But she is just so happy to be getting around and being a dog again, she doesn't seem to let it bother her much.

BonBon is a female Puggle (Beagle/Pug) mix who was was born approximately 11-14-19 and weighs 21 lbs. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea/tick preventative, dewormed, tested negative for heartworm disease and started on heartworm prevention. We ask that she be continued with chiropractic adjustments either at Hillcrest Animal Clinic in Lincoln, or at another veterinary chiropractor, to keep her feeling her best. Adoption fee is $400 to help offset the many expenses we have for vetting costs. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to continue to save the lives of orphaned & abandoned pets; 100% goes towards their care. If interested in adopting one of our available dogs or puppies, you must first complete an online adoption application at You will be contacted by our adoption coordinator via email after your application has been reviewed & approved to schedule an appointment. Our website is updated daily, pets that are listed are still available.
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  • Beagle & Pug
  • Female
  • Youth (24 - 60 Months)My DoB is 11/14/2019 (Estimated)
  • 21 - 30 Pounds
  • Nebraska
  • Tan
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • Kids Scare Me
  • I Like All Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • I'm Trained
Special Needs (Emotional)
Fenced Yard Required
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