We have no words to express our outrage. How someone sat by and allowed this precious soul to suffer so intensely is beyond our comprehension. This is Chance after being groomed. He's unable to close his eyes, and likely hasn't been able to close them for many, many months. The matting on his face was so bad, the groomer found rocks meshed into his tangled fur. Imagine not being to close your eyes because wet, gnarled, matted fur with rocks was holding them open. His eyes are so damaged now, even with the fur gone, he's unable to close them. Despite his pain and suffering at the hands of humans, he is the most gentle being. So accepting of love, even now. He knows we are here to help ease his grief and bring healing to every aspect of his life.  Chance was seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist and is on 4 eye medications every 2 hours throughout the day.  We are amazed at the improvement we've seen already. We are hopeful his eyes will be saved.
Chance is a ShihTzu who weighs 8 lbs and was born approximately 5-13-11. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea/tick preventive, dewormed, tested negative for heartworm disease & started on preventive. He was also given a dental. He will need to remain on eye medication for life and his adopter must be committed to providing him with regular visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist. Adoption fee is $250 to help offset the many expenses we have for vetting costs. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to continue to save the lives of orphaned & abandoned pets; 100% goes towards their care. If interested in adopting one of our available dogs or puppies, please complete an online adoption application at https://dollyslegacyanimalrescue.org/adopt/ You will be contacted by our adoption coordinator via email after your application has been reviewed & approved to schedule an appointment.