Hi! My Name Is FREYA

We're happy to tell you that FREYA has a new furever home.
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Hi, my name’s Freya and I guess I’m not in Kansas anymore! My foster mama told me I’m in “Nebraska, the Good Life”. I believe her, cause my life has sure turned around! My foster mom and dad tell me all the time what a beautiful girl I am. They say I’m gentle and affectionate (whatever that means). I just know that I have a nice warm house to live in and that I love to cuddle on the couch. I get along with the resident dogs and even the CATS! If you're looking for a loyal companion or a family dog, I just may be the dog you’ve always wanted! Freya had completely shut down in the shelter after being dumped by her family We now know more of her story, and it's even more heartbreaking. She was in late stages of pregnancy when surrendered to the shelter in Kansas, and then the shelter aborted all of her puppies. We understand that the world doesn't need any more puppies, but spaying a dog with viable puppies is just unacceptable. Her milk had come in, her hormones were in full swing and she was in 'mommy mode'. She was likely nesting to prepare for her wee ones, then they were ripped from her. No wonder she shut down. No wonder she was curled up in a ball and wouldn't do anything but tremble. And then because of that, she was placed on the euthanasia list. What is wrong with our society that this is how we treat our companion animals?!! As angry as we are at the shelter, we are even more angry at her owners who were irresponsible, didn't have her spayed to begin with, and instead allowed her to become pregnant. And then decided to abandon her. Shame on them. Freya deserved better, and we are making absolutely certain she knows nothing but love, compassion & security for the rest of her life. She is absolutely precious. Our hearts weep for her and that of her babies. Please, don't turn a blind eye or stay silent if your family, friends, coworkers, are not being responsible pet owners. Speak up, even if it's uncomfortable. Think of Freya and her puppies who were discarded. Stand up for them. Don't allow this to happen to other pets. Promote spaying & neutering. Make it known that breeding is despicable. There is no such thing as an "accidental litter". Freya is loving every moment of being pampered in her foster home & loves their dogs as you can see. Freya is a Chocolate Lab/mix, weighs 46 lbs and was born approximately 11/9/2017. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea/tick preventative, dewormed, tested negative for heartworm disease & started on preventative.