Hi! My Name Is KYLE

We're happy to tell you that KYLE has a new furever home.
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This is Kyle. Kyle enjoys leading his foster puppy buddies in shenanigans and naughtiness. Kyle has many opinions about many things and isn’t afraid to voice them out loud. Kyle longs for a future in wrestling and has been working tirelessly to hone his skills and moves with his other fosters. However, Kyle also has a soft side when his older fosters want to join in on his wrestling and he flips over instantly and calls “uncle” to let them know he’s not really into wrestling with bigger siblings, only those smaller than he is because Kyle knows he WILL win the title when he is the biggest of he and his opponent. Kyle has a deep need to be involved in everything and mostly following his foster mom all over the place so he can be sure and be underfoot. Don’t be Kyle.   Kyle has also dabbled in goth by applying black eyeliner and lipstick to his face without much accuracy but still seems to give him a rather unique and adorable appearance. Kyle loves to be loved and hugged and cuddled. Kyle is as bright white as he can be after a bath and almost blinding to look at. Kyle enjoys wiggling his hind end while he walks and believe me, Kyle’s hips don’t lie. Kyle can do some serious rollie pollie puppy imitations from atop any hills in the yard and rolls down like he was born to be wild! Kyle sports his clumsy proudly and never shows shame or remorse when he is trampled over by other bigger fosters because Kyle knows that he was meant to be a stunt dog if the wrestling thing doesn’t work out. Be like Kyle. Kyle is a hound/lab mix (our best guess on breed), weighs 20 lbs (but growing!) and was born approximately 1/16/2020. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea/tick preventative, dewormed & started on heartworm preventative. Adoption fee is $550 to help offset the many expenses we have for vetting costs. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to continue to save the lives of orphaned & abandoned pets; 100% goes towards their care. To meet one of our available pups, please complete an online adoption application at Once you are approved, we will schedule an adoption appointment.