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Zoey is being returned to rescue after being adopted in 2018 due to a change in her adopter's work schedule and working long hours. Here is the information from her current owner/adopter:
Meet Zoey (or Zoey Louise if she is in trouble). She is literally the sweetest and most cuddly dog you will ever meet! She only barks if threatened or if she needs to let others know this is her territory. She loves other dogs! She does daycare often! I am a nurse & travel often so she gets to spend a fair amount of time at a kennel and in daycare. The employees all agree that she is their favorite. She loves people and just wants to hang out and be affectionate. Zoey had a rough start. Before she was brought into rescue orginally she was abused and then a stray. When she entered into foster care it was discovered that she was pregnant. All of her sweet puppies were adopted quickly but once again Zoey girl was alone. Once she warmed up to me, she never wanted to leave my side. She  learned that humans could be trusted and kind to her. She has always been slow to warm up to strangers (especially men) but friends and family will tell you that she is an entirely new dog now compared to when she first arrived! She still needs to sniff a stranger and take a moment to warm up for it now only takes seconds before she leans up agains you and gives you her puppy eyes asking for pets. Because of her rough past, Zoey can be extremely anxious. Thunderstorms, fireworks, or anything resembling gunshots make her go into hiding & trembling. She also has extreme separation anxiety. If I am home she is calm as can be but if I leave the house just to go get the mail or get groceries out of my car she barks and panics. This is why I need to rehome her. I am a nurse and I work long shifts both day and night. When I first got her I have friends and family stop in to let her out during my shifts but those people have moved away and now I can’t find anyone to break up the 12 hours I am at work. She needs far more stability and predictability than I can offer. It breaks my heart to send her to a new family after having her for 5 years but I know this is what is best for her. She needs a home with more than just one person and she would love a dog sibling. She does well around kids who are comfortable around dogs. My niece once told me that Zoey is the only dog that she knows who hugs back. It is true if you wrap your arms around Zoey she will lean into you and nuzzle her head around your neck. She is an adventure dog too! Zoey and I often go camping and she loves sleeping in a tent with me. She loves to hike and backpack too. She was nervous around water in the beginning but now she is eager to sit at my feet on a paddle board, canoe, or kayak. Just don’t expect her to get in the water. She can be a diva if wet.
She needs a yard with a privacy fence. My yard has a chain link fence and if a car or person comes down the alley she barks and hops the fence to protect her territory and her owner. Her breed is a hunting dog so the squirrels, rabbits, and foxes in your neighborhood better watch out. Zoey is convinced she can climb trees she chases squirrels up trees and then jumps 4 feet in the air after them! She is 8 1/2 years old but can have the energy of a puppy outside. She loves to be outside especially in the sunshine or snow. Good luck getting her to fetch she will watch you throw a ball and then look at you like you are crazy. She loves to run and is a great running buddy as long as you don’t make her go more than 3 miles and it is less than 80 degrees. Heat is not her favorite.
When I get home from work she is beyond pumped to see me. After a quick walk, she sits on the edge of my bed waiting for me to get out of the shower. Then when I climb into bed she curls up next to me and often nuzzles her nose under my neck or wraps a paw around my arm. After adequate pets and love from me she falls asleep and snores ever so slightly. Then I know she is calm and oh so content.
When left alone she is most anxious. She has a thunder shirt to calm her, trazodone, and calming chews but nothing has ever been enough. She needs a family who is home often and has a more regular schedule than I can provide. When I am at work she has chewed door frames and even scratched a hole in my wall. She has been trying to tell me that my long shifts are far too long for her to be away from humans. She is a lover and needs emotional support humans nearby as often as possible.
Whoever adopts this sweet sweet girl is oh so lucky! I have yet to have anyone meet Zoey and not fall in love with her (even non dog people)! She is faithful and loyal beyond belief. She knows when people are down or anxious and will snuggle right up to them and stay until they feel better.
She is house trained although she does have accidents when she is very nervous. She sit, shake and crash (lay down) on command. She is very food driven and will do anything for a treat! She is best friends with my mom (who doesn’t like dogs) because every time we go over to my mom’s house, my mom makes Zoey a piece of peanut butter toast.
Zoey doesn’t do well with cats. She thinks they are for chasing and has been scratched a time or two because she gets too close.
Zoey loves any activity that involves people. She loves car rides, long walks, soaking up the sunshine in the backyard, and just chilling around the house. Please consider adopting this adorable and affectionate sweet dog if you need some love in your life and have a little patience for an animal that is anxious due to a rough start to her life. You wont be sorry!!
Zoey is a Redbone Coonhound/Lab mix who was was born approximately 8-18-15 and weighs 50 lbs. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped. Adoption fee is $150. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to continue to save the lives of orphaned & abandoned pets; 100% goes towards their care. If interested in adopting one of our available dogs or puppies, you must first complete an online adoption application at https://dollyslegacyanimalrescue.org/adopt/ You will be contacted by our adoption coordinator via email after your application has been reviewed & approved to schedule an appointment. Our website is updated daily, pets that are listed are still available.
***If you are serious about adopting, you must first complete and submit an application on our website. Our Adoption Team will respond via email from DollysLegacyAdoptions@gmail.com once you have completed an application. If a pet is still listed, it is not yet adopted as we update daily. All information regarding adoption policies are on our website***
  • Hound - Redbone Coonhound & Retriever - Yellow Labrador
  • Female
  • 8 Years OldMy DoB is 08/18/2015 (Estimated)
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Nebraska
  • Gold
  • Happy
  • I Like Kids Over 6
  • I Like All Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
  • I'm Trained
Special Needs (Emotional)
Fenced Yard Required,  Has Separation Anxiety
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