Hi! My Name Is CECILIA

We're happy to tell you that CECILIA has a new furever home.
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It is heart wrenching to imagine what this poor girl has endured. Her life should have been complete when she was rescued as a tiny baby with her two siblings. They were found starving and near death. Their lives were spared, they entered our rescue, were given months of tender, loving care, all the veterinary care needed to get them healthy & ready for homes. We did our due diligence and screened potential adopters, and thought we adopted them to loving, responsible, forever families; Cecelia & Cecily were adopted as bonded sisters to the same family. That should have been their happily-ever-after. But sadly, and to our utter dismay, it wasn't. Years later, we received a call from our local humane society that a cat had been brought in as a stray found in the country with a microchip tracing back to Dolly's Legacy. We pulled up her number, called the adopter, and asked what had happened to Cecilia. Anger filled us when we heard the answer on the other end of the phone, "she went missing four years ago and never came back".  When asked where her sister is, our anger grew, "she ran out of the house two years ago and never came back either".  What could make this worse?? The fact that they confessed to not even attempting to look for them. They never made a report, didn't go look at the local shelter, never contacted anyone, never made a post on social media or with lost pets groups, didn't contact us or the microchip company. Nothing. Out of sight, out of mind. It isn't that the kitties escaped the house, we know that can happen. But the fact that they admittedly didn't care enough to even look is unforgivable. We cannot express our utter disgust for these people. How dare anyone treat any animal with such total disregard, but it is especially horrifying when it's one we had poured our hearts into saving, let alone two. These people should NEVER be allowed to own another living creature. Period.

Our anger then turned to worry and despair. Where is her sister, Cecily? Is she alive? Starving? Was she taken by a predator? Has she suffered horribly? Is she STILL suffering horribly? She deserved better. We promised her we would do right by her, but we failed. We trusted people who should not be trusted. They know who they are, and how callous their hearts are. These girls both deserved better. 

Cecilia is now looking for someone she can trust, and it isn't going to be easy to pass our test in proving you are worthy of her. Only someone whose heart bleeds for this precious girl, whose heart breaks at the fate of her sister, and will stop at nothing to making sure she has the BEST life moving forward. A life of safety, security, and the promise that she will never again be scared, lost, discarded, or lack any of the finest things in life.

Cecilia is a female orange tabby lady born 7-15-15. She is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated.

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