Hi! My Name Is SIMON

I'm in the Recovery Room - I'll Be Available Soon
Today we introduce you to Simon. We received a request for help for a cat in rural Oklahoma who was "injured and maybe missing an eye". Dolly's Legacy said yes, we can help him. When we received photos from the vet clinic, we were horrified. The skin was gone across most of Simon's neck & upper back, leaving an oozing, raw surface of exposed flesh. Based on the area affected, our assumption is that someone may have incorrectly applied a topical flea product that burned his skin right off, or worse yet, intentionally poured a substance on him such as boiling water or a caustic agent, any of which continued to cause necrosis in tissue in the surrounding area. Can you imagine the pain and agony he felt for days before help arrived? No relief, no understanding of what was happening or why, and begging for the pain to stop? His exposed flesh was open to the elements for who knows how long, causing him extreme distress. Upon examination, he is missing an eye, but appears he was born that way. Despite all of his suffering, Simon has done nothing but purr and give soft head butts in gratitude for saving him. He is incredibly affectionate & so grateful for attention. The healing is going to take weeks or months but Simon is up to the task, and we are committed to his care and seeing him restored back to health. Would you find it in your heart to sponsor Simon & his journey in healing? Donations can be made via paypal to Many purrs of thanks from Simon & all of us at Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue!
  • Tabby
  • Male
  • Nebraska
  • Tabby (Brown / Chocolate)
  • Social & Friendly
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